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Kids Roza Kushai

Ramadhan Celebrations ’21

The community rejoiced and celebrated the holy month of Ramadhan this year. Last year this was not possible due to Covid pandemic, and the community felt the absence of the togetherness dearly.

This year the iftars were hosted by the centre, congregational prayers were performed and important religious dates were recognized with community members with much enthusiasm.

A highlight was the acknowledgment and appreciation of first-timer fasting kids, a milestone moment called Roza Khushai. The kids were given gift cards and they were happy to be given so much attention and encouragement. The older kids were also recognized for their efforts in keeping the maximum fasts in line with their religious responsibilities. They also received gift cards, much to their excitement. This initiative was taken by the Sunday school team of the  Al Murtaza Centre (madrassah).

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  1. Kamran Hasnain

    Very nice efforts by Madrassa team. Keep up the good work as this is just a stepping stone in what the Ahlul Bayt (as) require from us

  2. Nadia Hasnain

    It was so good to see how excited the kids were about their first fast.

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