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Educational & Fun trip to Kelly Tarlton Aquarium

The team of Al Murtaza Sunday School arranged an educational trip to the SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton Aquarium for the students and teachers. The families were welcomed to join.   

The children were wowed by the wonderful underwater world displayed in the Aquarium

The children were encouraged to share the marine facts that they learned on the trip. Here are some thoughts from the young brains 🙂 

Penguins 🐧 have spines in their mouth to direct fish and squid towards their stomachs. The seahorse has a mouth which sucks up everything like a vacuum cleaner. Green sea turtles live a very long and healthy life, they can live up to 80-100 years! – By Kissa Zehra

A seahorse has no teeth and no stomach. Seahorses have excellent eyesight, there eyes work independently on either side of there. – By Arfa Batool

Octopus 🐙 has 3 hearts 💕 and 9 brains 🧠By Moosa Naqvi

A baby Megaladon has teeth as big as an adult great white’s teeth!!  (Megaladons are the biggest sharks 🦈 in history but they are now extinct) – By Maria Hasnain

Jelly fish can glow in dark. A jelly fish doesn’t have a brain. Some Jellyfish have teeth – By Aiza Batool

Penguins can swim so fast without flapping their feet 🐧. Penguins can stand still like statues – By Murtaza Naqvi

The Octupus can fit into a hole the size of an eye ball – By Masooma Hasnain

The trip ended with some souvenir shopping from the wonderful memorabilia items from the aquarium gift shop. The sun had come out on the chilly autumn day, so the families spent the remaining daylight time walking along the beautiful coastal line. While some families headed towards a local park to enjoy tea and snacks while the children enjoyed the swings. All in all, it was a weekend day well spent by the community!

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