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Fatima - Age 12

Kids Art Competition – Life Lessons from Noble Narrations

The team of Al Murtaza Centre received an invitation for  Sunday School kids to participate in the international art competition organized by Al Kisa Foundation. The school teachers motivated the children to participate and the response was heartwarming.

Children researched reliable sources to look up Noble Narrations and they chose a favorite one to express as Art

This was a great opportunity for both parents and children to study some noble narrations from Ahlulbaet (as). The children tapped into their imagination and expressed what they learnt from it in the form of Art beautifully!

The competition included a written element that encouraged the children to describe what they learned from the narration in their own words and give an example of how they would implement it in their own life. 

The Sunday School management further appreciated the contribution of every child by calling them on stage to show their drawing to the audience. A special gift was also given to all young artists and lovers of ahlulbaet (as) on the occasion of Eid celebrations, much to the excitimenet and surprise of the parents and children!

The Kisa Kids competition has yet to announce winners, we will share if it’s one of our young artists, so watch this space!


Some good sources for narrations from Ahlulbaet (as) are as follows:

Beautiful Art from our Youth

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