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Community Grand Iftaar

Al Murtaza Centre conducted a Grand Iftaar at the centre premises for Kids and their families during the last week of Ramadan 2022.
All the community kids and their families were invited to attend the event, to give them a feeling of belonging, and to share and learn about our values and culture.

The teachers of the Sunday school were discussing the topic of Ramadhan, fasting and what this blessed month brings to us with the children during the scheduled classes. The children were provided encouragement to fast, especially for those children who were doing it for the first time. Gifts were handed out to children during the grand iftar to the children as appreciation for being a beginner at fasting and also to those children who completed all fast. The children shared their experiences and motivated other children to fast next year.

This event included many cultural activities like recitation, speeches, and kids wore traditional dresses. The centre had arranged for beautiful henna application on children’s hands in preparation for the eid celebration two days later.

Of course, there was also a special dinner iftar for the guests. The event ended with chit chat over hot tea.


A sense of belonging and community

Such activities give our community kids a chance to make new friends and have stronger collaboration and a better understanding of their culture, values, history, and language.


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